Lino Cut Boy is an artist I am familiar with, and remember coming across him in college. He is an artist based in Margate, UK and his prints have been exhibited world wide. His name is Nick Morley and has a book published named Linocut for Artists and Designer’s, which I am going too try and have a look for as I think it will be interesting!

All of the above prints are really detailed and all linoprints, I really like the overall style and can imagine it takes a lot of time and skill to do, but so worth it! I really like the effect lino printing has, and how you can create so many different styles and textures.

Lino Cut Boy also runs a blog, and while looking through his website I came across a post named ‘Top Ten Tips for Linocutting‘    These ten tips are:

  1. Practise First
  2. Use a range of tools
  3. Learn how to control the tool
  4. Draw your image out in ink
  5. Sharpen your tools
  6. Use fresh linoleum
  7. Carve away from your hand
  8. Carve on a non-slip surface
  9. Move the lino around
  10. Take frequent breaks

On the website, which I have linked above, each tip goes into a little bit more detail of how to improve your skills on lino printing, to get the best possible result. These tips have been really helpful because I understand how much concentration needs too be put into lino printing. Lino printing is something I have always enjoyed doing and next I am going too take all of these tips into consideration and use them to improve my skills within lino printing.


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