All of the information sources I have found date as far back to 2013/2015.
To help remember important research for Playbods, I have taken out information from the webpages that I feel is most important.
Playbods is a collaboration of two Leeds-based artists, Bryony Pritchard and Kim Glassby.
‘Both artists have been working through the collaboration of Playbods to bring their multi-disciplined arts approaches together to create playful, interactive events and projects for people of all ages in unusual spaces. A strong aspect of their approach is that their events are equally involving and supportive of children, parents and grandparents, and offer active creative learning experiences with the focus on the whole family.’

‘Playbods were funded by Leeds Inspired to work in partnership with Leeds Libraries to deliver the Dance in Libraries Project during Summer & Autumn 2012. Within the project the artists re-imagined the library by creating multi-sensory environments in which families became physically immersed in stories together and were facilitated to create their own stories using open-ended materials such as fabrics, feathers, hoops and paper.’
‘lift children’s stories from the page through movement, dance and visual arts.’

‘After lots of playing and working with some texts which gave us inspiration for movement & playful games such as: The Game of Let’s Go and Doodle Cook by Herve Tullet and The Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg, we got on to the subject of storytelling and how so many stories emerge as we play and move.  We wanted to discover if we could make stronger links between active play and storytelling, and invite members of the public to work with us.’

‘Within the children’s areas of the libraries we created comfy reading dens and colourful spaces in which to play and explore.’

‘Fitting with the seasonal (July!) rain storms, brollies of different colours and sizes unexpectedly became a core feature of our play environment’


Playbods also have a blog that they keep up to date with everything that is going on and plans for the future. This is a good way to keep members of the public who use social media up to date, it is also a really good way to see how Playbods gather their inspiration.

Logo’s and promotional posters found:



Playbods are very inspired by the visual side of things, using interactions with a stronger visual look, whereas I feel Memory Box is not as strong with the visual, aesthetic side of things. However, this is not to say memory box can’t develop into creating more wonderful visual play, making the interactions more memorable and pleasing to the eye.

Inspiration from Playbods concentrated around the idea of telling stories through dance and bringing story books to life, whereas Memory Box concentrates more around the idea of childhood memories and bringing childhood memories to life.

Their logo and promotional poster could of been stronger. As in, I feel like the look of both the logo and poster are not very professional or thought about much. It is good to see a logo design of a practice that is so similar to Memory Box. Personally, I think the logo is the face of the brand/organisation and essentially it is what the audience will see first and make an opinion upon. By researching Playbods, I am able to understand what stronger traits Memory Box has. I can use the Playbods logo as something to visualise when creating the MB logo, as how such a successful organisation can succeed with logos with the most simplest look and styles. This logo is the complete opposite to what I am expecting the final MB logo to look like.


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